Our Story

Our Family History

My family has been in the leather business in Canada since the 1940s, when my great-grandfather and his brother immigrated with their families. Although unable to speak speak English, they brought their knowledge of the leather business from their home in Poland. They began trading raw hides in order to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. 

At 18 years old, my grandfather joined his father and uncle, helping them expand and grow over the next 30 years, into a large, respected player in the industry. Now, with his brother's help, they were providing the raw materials for everything from the basketball shoes on the feet of superstars, to the car seats in the most popular vehicles on the road. 

Around the time I was born, by father and uncle made the decision to enter and learn the family business under my grandfather's tutelage. Through continued growth, they acquired a well known tannery in rural Pennsylvania, Wickett & Craig. Turning its focus onto leather for high-end accessories, Wickett & Craig has been providing leather for some of your favourite brands for years. 

Our Brand

Inspired by my family's history, I decided to chart my own course, creating beautiful, functional, and well made leather goods, using the highest quality leather from my family's tannery. 

Each product is made with three principles in mind:

1. Minimalism - From our minimalist designs, to helping you carry only what you need and nothing more, each product is made to be simple, yet elegant. 

2. Functionality - This is backbone of everything we create. Each product by The MNML is designed to make your life easier. 

3. Quality - All of our products are made by an experienced team of leather artisans, using the highest quality materials available. 

It is our belief that, as long as we stick to these principles, we will continue to create products that go above and beyond.